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Benefits of EHR

Improve care, increase efficiency, minimize errors, and reduce costs. with Electronic Health Records

Information is the cornerstone of quality healthcare. Physicians across the country, in practices of all sizes, are realizing significant benefits from using EHR technology today. Our goal is to ensure that our community – providers and patients – share in those benefits as well. The message is so clear, that even the Federal Government is offering significant incentives to adopt and utilize this technology, with penalties following an initial grace period.

Among its many advantages, EHR solutions enable physicians to:

  • Gain secure access to a patient’s complete record – anywhere, anytime
  • Make patient-care decisions based on up-to-the minute information from all involved
  • Track test results
  • Prevent medical errors by providing safety checks on prescription dosages, drug-to-drug interactions, duplicate therapies, and a patient’s previous adverse reactions.
  • Improve patient satisfaction overall

Better medicine. Better business.

Within a practice, the digital convenience of Electronic Health Records:

  • Streamlines recordkeeping and clerical procedures, saving time – and office-space – previously needed for filing, billing, documenting, transcribing, and making end-of-day phone calls
  • Automates many everyday clinical tasks
  • Improves workflow and staff communication
  • Reduces the need for overtime

Simply put, the end result of these new efficiencies is a positive impact for the physician pratice.

Read here about the real results and substantial savings documented by physicians and healthcare groups that have implemented Allscripts EHR.

Central Utah Clinic

Utah’s largest group of independent physicians reported nearly $1 million in ROI within the first year of using EHR. This report supplies the facts and figures that show how EHR made that outcome possible.

Community Care Physicians

A multi-specialty medical group in Albany, NY, has been able to increase its patient volume annually by 3-5 percent since the implementation of the Enterprise EHR. In addition, the EHR has enabled them to benefit financially through Pay for Performance incentives. Read the case study to learn more about this medical group’s experience with the Allscripts EHR.

St. Vincent Health System

A large heath system in Pennsylvania saved more than $100,000 in dictation and transcription costs alone the first year EHR was implemented. Read the details, along with what their physicians say about Allscripts EHR.